Popular Historic Attraction set to Reopen

30 June 2011

The Tolbooth Museum, one of Aberdeen's oldest buildings will reopen to the public for its summer season on Friday 01 July 2011.

As one of the best-preserved 17th century gaols in Scotland, the packed programme of exhibitions, talks and re-enactments will highlight the different aspects of Aberdeen's fascinating and unique history to visitors of the popular historic attraction.

Chris Croly, Historian with Aberdeen City Council, said: "The Tolbooth Museum is always popular with tourists and locals alike and it's great to have such a full programme of events.

"We have recently published a trail guide to Aberdeen's Jacobite connections which will be available free in the Museum and the exhibition and talk on the Jacobites will let us explore this theme more thoroughly.

"It's also great to be working with Glasgow Paranormal Investigations who recently conducted a very interesting investigation of the Tolbooth."

All events are free although some have to be booked in advance.

Aberdeen and the Jacobites
Friday 01 July - Saturday 07 August
This exhibition will explore Aberdeen's links with the Jacobite rebellions.

Broad Street over the Years
Tuesday 09 August - Sunday 11 September
Different images will show how the street's appearance has radically changed, partly through the changes in Marischal College and partly through slum clearance.

The Susanna Affair
Saturday 09 July, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Enjoy a re-enactment of the meeting held by Aberdeen Council on 2 July 1593 with the survivors of the Aberdeen merchant ship The Susanna. In Sanlucar de Barrameda the captain and crew of the ship fell foul of the captain of a French ship, who accused them of being heretics and Lutherans. The crew were arrested, interrogated and many sentenced to death. Only a few managed to return.

Advance booking is not required.

Tartan Day, the Battle of Harlaw
Saturday 30 July, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Watch a re-enactment of the fear that caught Aberdeen in 1411 in the days leading up to the Battle of Harlaw, the bloodiest battles ever fought in the region. The battle is a mysterious one but to the residents of Aberdeen at the time it seemed that Donald, Lord of the Isles was marching to Aberdeen to destroy Aberdeen. Join the town magistrates as they try to explain to people what is happening so they can gain their support in the fight against Donald's forces.

Advance booking is not required.

Doors Open Day, Civil War
Saturday 10 September, 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm
In 1644, during the Civil Wars, Aberdeen was on the side of the Covenanters. The Marquis of Montrose and his 'wild Irish' troops were fighting for the King and were marching to Aberdeen. During this re-enactment members of the public can join in the council debate as Montrose approaches the town: should they stand and fight or surrender. Members of the public will have the opportunity to act as the burgesses at the time, listen to the debates and then be called to vote on what to do.

Advance booking is not required.

A series of lunchtime talks will take place over the summer that will offer an insight into the history of the city and some new developments.

All talks start at 12.30pm and last approximately 30 minutes. Places are free but booking is essential by telephoning (01224) 621167.

Wednesday 6 July
Chris Croly, Historian, will look at Aberdeen's experiences during the Jacobite rebellions.

Wednesday 13 July
Bill Brogden, Architectural Historian, will discuss historic plans for the Castlegate.

Wednesday 27 July
Meredith Greiling, Curator of Maritime History, will give an update on the progress of the redevelopments at Aberdeen Maritime Museum including the new oil and gas displays and the Education Suite.

Wednesday 17 August
Fiona Musk, Archivist, Aberdeen City and Shire Archives, will talk about the history of Old Aberdeen.

Wednesday 31 August
John Edwards, Head of Collections will discuss the development of fast sailing ships and their impact on Aberdeen's trade.

An event that is bound to capture the imagination is Paranormal Sunday, which is being held from 2.30pm to 3.30pm on Sunday 24 July at the Tolbooth Museum.

Members of the public are invited to meet members of Glasgow Paranormal Investigations who will discuss the findings of their recent paranormal investigations at the gaol. There will also be the chance to learn more about the equipment used by the investigators to record and capture ghostly goings-on.

Places are free but booking is essential by telephoning (01224) 621167.