Locally-owned Titanic memorabilia to go on display in Aberdeen

27 March 2012

To commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic an exhibition of locally-owned memorabilia will open this weekend [Saturday 31 March] at Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow.

Curator of maritime history Meredith Greiling invited anyone in the North-east of Scotland that owned Titanic memorabilia to get in touch so their items could feature in the display which marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on Sunday 15 April 2012.

The story is well-known because of books, films and websites but this exhibition is a chance for local people to display their personal Titanic collections which include White Star Line original china and silverware, models, commemorative poems, postcards, newspapers as well as replicas from recent films and describe what it is about the story that continues to fascinate people.

Your Titanic: A display of Titanic memorabilia includes an original Titanic medal that was presented to crewman, John Cargill from Gourdon, who served on board the Carpathia which rescued over 700 survivors from the disaster. The medal was presented by ‘the unsinkable’ Molly Brown, a first-class passenger rescued by the Carpathia.

Mr Cargill went on to receive medals for bravery in both world wars. The medal is on loan from his grandson, John Henderson, who lives in Wick.

An extensive collection of original White Star Line china and silverware from the first class dining saloon of a sister ship which is identical to what would have been on the Titanic plus many replica items such as crystal glasses, uniform badges, a carpet sample and also a chair from the 1997 film, all on loan from Ben Caldicott of Aberdeen. Also on show are shoe boxes decorated in the style of cabins onboard the Titanic which have been created by a class of P6/P7 pupils from Millbank School in Nairn.

Curator, Meredith Greiling, said: “The sinking of the Titanic is one of maritime history’s greatest disasters and few maritime events have captured the public imagination as this story has for a century. People’s fascination with all the details of the ship and its sinking continues to this day so this exhibition is not to be missed.”

The display will run throughout the spring holidays until Saturday 28 April 2012.