New Energy Exploration Displays to Open at Aberdeen Maritime Museum

27 March 2013

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from a group of oil and gas companies new Energy Exploration displays will open to the public on Friday 29 March at Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow.

 The refurbishment of three floors of museum displays relating to North Sea energy has been made possible through the support of 26 Oil & Gas UK companies, which have given over £300,000 to bring the displays about the history of North Sea oil and gas up to date.

The museum closed to visitors back in January to allow new flooring to be laid and work to be carried out safely without inconveniencing visitors. The museum re-opened on Tuesday 22 January, with the upgrade completed earlier this month.

This concluded three phases of renovations at the museum, which last year saw the Education Suite completely refurbished thanks to sponsorship from Maersk Oil North Sea UK, and a 3D film tour of the Tern Alpha platform provided by oil firm TAQA. Both projects won commendations from the Arts & Business Awards Scotland in October [2012].

Aberdeen City Council Chief Executive Valerie Watts said:"This award-winning museum tells the story of the city's long relationship with the sea. It houses a unique collection covering shipbuilding, fast sailing ships, fishing, port history and displays on the North Sea oil and gas industry that you cannot find anywhere else.

"Thanks to the generosity of Oil & Gas UK members, not just in financial terms but in time and effort and a shared vision we have maximised the educational, interactive and fun experience at the museum. Return visitors will be delighted to see the new displays and new visitors will want to come back."

Chief executive of Oil & Gas UK, Malcolm Webb said: "It gives me great pleasure to finally see the impressive renovation of the museum's energy exploration galleries in all their glory.

"Oil and gas is a fascinating, high-tech industry which has impacts on all our lives to a greater or lesser degree. I'm very pleased to see Aberdeen now has a museum which tells the story of oil and gas and will allow visitors a 'hands on' experience of an offshore life which, to many, would seem remote and difficult to imagine or understand.

"It's also fitting that the oil and gas industry has made a strong contribution to this redevelopment, with Oil & Gas UK member companies not only donating the funds required, but also providing many of the exhibits." 

Meredith Greiling, curator of maritime history at Aberdeen City Council added:'It is not possible to talk about the maritime history of Aberdeen without talking about the oil and gas industry and the new displays really bring that part of the museum up to date in a modern and exciting way.

"The support from industry has been phenomenal; our sponsors have really understood what we wanted to do with the displays and have been very supportive. It wouldn't have been possible without their generosity, not just financial, but also their generosity with theirtime and expertise. What we have now is a fantastic resource for schools and families based in Aberdeen as well as a great experience for visitors to the region."

To cater for the expected increase in visitors over this weekend the museum will be open on Monday 01 April so anyone enjoying the holiday will be able to view the new attractions on offer.