Everyday Objects Inspire Jewellery Collection

Friday 10 September 2010

A bespoke jewellery collection inspired by vintage wallpaper, natural shapes and everyday objects has been created by the Art Fund and two top jewellery curators; one of which is Aberdeen Art Gallery's Kate Gillespie.

The Art Fund teamed up with the successful curators to create a unique collection of jewellery by leading contemporary makers. All proceeds made from sales will go directly towards supporting the Art Fund's cause; helping to buy inspiring works of art for museums and galleries across the UK.

Kate Gillespie and James Beighton, curator at mima [Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art] selected pieces by the following jewellers, each one chosen for their originality, style and high level craftsmanship:

Hannah Louise Lamb, a silversmithing graduate from the Royal College of Art, is inspired by decorative motifs taken from vintage wallpaper patterns and everyday iconic imagery. Using intricate hand piercing and surface texturing she creates eye-catching silver pieces, often incorporating colour and materials such as silk, felt and semi-precious stones.

Elsie Owl makes jewellery inspired by the lost and the found, museum and reliquary. By combining found objects with precious metal, she transforms the mundane and forgotten into pieces that are tactile and imbued with a sense of mystery.

Erin Daly makes designs around the body - physically putting the piece on, observing and altering until a balance is achieved. Simple shapes influenced by plant forms and geometric shapes are embellished with texture and pattern through embossing, hammering and roll printing.

Kaz Robertson, an Edinburgh College of Art graduate, is inspired by buzzwords versatility and interaction. She creates fun, playful pieces that can be manipulated by the wearer. Setting magnets beneath the resin surface provides a way of changing each piece easily - ring tops can be swapped, bangles stick together, neckpieces interconnect... the possibilities are endless.

Aberdeen Art Gallery curator Kate Gillespie said: "The formation of this collection has provided a platform for these four talented jewellers to showcase their work. The affordable range highlights the quality and variety of jewellery that is currently being made in the UK and introduces hand-crafted jewellery to those who have never considered buying or owning pieces before."

Aberdeen City Council's Museums & Galleries manager Christine Rew added: "I am delighted that Kate was asked to select contemporary jewellers for this welcome new initiative by the Art Fund.

"We have developed a collection of contemporary jewellery since the 1980s which is now recognised as one of the most significant in the country. The Art Fund helped us acquire several pieces for the collection and it's terrific that all proceeds from this new enterprise will go towards securing art for public collections."

Earlier this year Kate won an outstanding piece of contemporary craft for Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums through the nationwide initiative Art Fund Collect; a blown glass sculpture, Spin by the Japanese artist Ritsue Mishima.

Last year Kate was successful at Art Fund Collect winning Neckpiece, a beautiful 18 carat gold, enamel and garnet necklace by Umbria-based British jeweller Jacqueline Ryan. Both art pieces can be seen at Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill.