Royalty Set Fashion Trends

Thursday 9 September 2010

A hundred years after the death of King Edward VII a selection of Edwardian luxurious costumes will go on show this Saturday [11 September] at Provost Skene's House, Guestrow, between Broad Street and Flourmill Lane, Aberdeen.

For some in Edwardian society life was wonderful with countless balls, dinners and weekend-long country house parties to attend.

High fashion became a symbol of social status and with numerous activities came a set of strict dress codes, which dictated the proper attire for each occasion. This often meant a wealthy fashionable lady would change her outfit up to six times a day, for morning, afternoon and evening pursuits, being careful to avoid wearing an ensemble that had been seen before.

In this period more money was spent on clothes, food, horse racing, yachting and pleasurable pastimes, than ever before.

Although the era bore Edward's name it was feminine fashion that distinguished it; Queen Alexandra setting many of the trends. Throughout the period ladies dresses continued to be constricting with corsets moulding to enhance a woman's shape.

The fashion for high collars on blouses, or as neckpieces, meant a lady was often encased in material from top to toe. Even on low-cut eveningwear the jewelled dog collar which was introduced by Alexandra was worn to cover the neck.

Edwardian Splendour features costumes worn during this opulent period and includes wedding, afternoon and evening dresses as well as an exquisite ball gown.

Curator of the exhibition Victoria Ward said: "The Edwardian period was epitomised by feminine fashion and this fabulous exhibition showcases some of the best costumes in the collection from that period, including a sumptuous cream silk ball gown and an exquisite ivory silk wedding dress."

The exhibition will run until Saturday 20 November 2010.