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Richard Wright - Winner of the Turner Prize 2009

Richard Wright has just been announced as the winner of the Turner Prize 2009. One critic wrote; his "work is so beautiful that you stand transfixed in front of it." Wright works like an old master. He starts by drawing his design on paper and then pricking the cartoon with hundreds of tiny holes to transfer the image to the wall by rubbing chalk over the surface. Next, he applies size (weak glue used in the middle ages to stiffen the pages of illuminated manuscripts) and paints the final layer with tiny brushes dipped in paint.

Wright's work has a quiet, subtle quality: he produces work of incandescent, ethereal beauty. His work, too, is often ephemeral because he draws and paints abstract designs directly onto the gallery walls. When the show closes, they are painted over. This is also true of our work by him, 'Love Gasoline' which came into the collections in 1997, as part of the Scottish Arts Council Bequest. Although his work is ephemeral by coming into a public collection it can exist - as here - in image form on our database - and be recreated for special showings.

Richard Wright 'Love Gasoline'


Aberdeen Art Gallery acquires Tracey Emin piece

Aberdeen Art Gallery has acquired work by one of Britain's most acclaimed and successful contemporary artists, Tracey Emin.

The pink and blue neon work entitled For You which now hangs in the Centre Court of the Gallery, was purchased with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions, The Art Fund, the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland and the Friends of Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums.

Tracey Emin - For You

Speaking about this important addition to the city's collections, Art Gallery & Museums Manager Christine Rew said: "We are delighted to add this tender and poignant piece by one of Britain's leading modern artists to our collections - thanks to generous assistance from our financial supporters.

"Tracey Emin has been at the forefront of British art for the last ten years and this acquisition will build on our objective to acquire and exhibit the best of contemporary art in Aberdeen."

Andrew Macdonald, Acting Director of The Art Fund said "Simple in its design, but powerful in its personal but universally shared message, this is a striking work by Tracey Emin, one of the most influential artists of her generation. I am delighted that The Art Fund was able to help ensure that this work joined Aberdeen's excellent public art collection."

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