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Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Remembrance Hall and Cowdray Hall are currently being redeveloped. Upon re-opening, the Remembrance Hall balcony will have digital exhibitions exploring memories about war and conflict, focusing on people who live or lived in Aberdeen. We'd love you to contribute memories to help make your gallery reflective, informative, varied and relevant to you.

Would you like to share any local stories, photographs, poems, drawings or artefacts relating to times of conflict? If so, we are collecting digitised versions which may be displayed in the gallery.

To submit digital images, text, audio or video, please email us at for further details.

Alternatively, do you associate particular music with such memories? We're interested in receiving the details as we may be able to play recordings of the music in the gallery.

The opening exhibition will explore different ways of honouring people who served in the First World War. We are seeking relevant material e.g. tales passed on through your family, photographs of war memorials or medals awarded to local relatives. If you'd like digital representations of these memories to be considered for the exhibition, please contact us.

We will regularly change the remembrance display and there are many themes that can be explored, including current and recent conflicts, the Falklands War, the Second World War and post-war civil defence. We're also interested in memories relating to training for conflict (e.g. military cadet life) and experiences of those left at home when their loved ones go to war. These digital exhibitions will be able to evolve, incorporating your own responses to material shown in the space. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

This is your chance to have your story told in your gallery.

What we need from you

  • Please make sure that you're the owner of, or that you have permission to share with us, the content that you submit.
  • Please tell us if you are not happy to have your name credited in online and in-gallery displays.
  • File sizes for images should not be larger than 2MB.

What we will do with your content

  • Unless deemed inappropriate, the content that you share with us will be added to our Memories database, and may be used in exhibitions.
  • Initially only Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums staff will access the Memories database, but we may make it publicly searchable in future.
  • You will be granting AAG&M the right to use, reproduce, distribute or sensitively modify the content as necessary.

How to share your content with us

  • You can email us files directly to Any queries, please call 01224 523709.
  • You can upload audio and video clips to SoundCloud or Vimeo and then send us the links to

thinking of you-small

image: one of a series of postcards sent from a fireman on the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company ship Hogarth to his daughter Annie Cooper in Aberdeen. The ship was torpedoed in 1918. Postcards kindly lent by Scott Burnett"

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