Oil Memories


Life in the Energy Industries

OIL MEMORIES is an ongoing project seeking to capture the everyday experience of people involved in the offshore energy industries. It is intended that this will form part of a long-term display and create a permanent archive at Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

We are seeking as wide a range of people in the industries as possible to help us create this element through providing a digital image of something they have been involved in or seen in their working life, (can also be during 'down time'), and a short narrative or story that sums it up. There is no real restriction on the nature of the type of story related. It can be irreverent, informative, technical, funny, sad - whatever. All that is required that it was something the contributor encountered whilst working in the industries.

A variety of contributions have already been received. These range from discussions with a teddy bear wearing a Santa Clause hat in the Norwegian Sector at Christmas, to someone telling of their part in a complicated subsea tie up.

What we are hoping to show is that the achievements of energy industries are not just something remote and carried out 'somewhere'. But that the activity is carried out by wide range of real people doing a myriad of tasks. This is easily overlooked by the public as so much activity takes place out of sight.

Please send contributions to : oilmemories@aagm.co.uk

or for more information contact the above e-mail address