Lynsey Merrick - Marine Biodiversity and Marine Environment Area

Podcast Transcript

Marine Biodiversity and Marine Environment Area

Hello my name is Lynsey Merrick and I am the Formal Learning Officer for Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums and today I am going to be talking about not necessarily my favourite object in the Maritime Museum, but a new area that we have created as part of the refit in March of this year (2011). The area is on Marine Biodiversity and the Marine Environment and was supported by Oceanlab, which is the subsea research facility of the University of Aberdeen and it investigates marine life in the world's oceans. So basically it's a large text panel that has facts and figures on it and some lovely pictures and at the top are four screens. And on the four screens on a continual loop there are images and they look at different areas of the world's seas and oceans. So the first screen looks at the North Sea which has a depth of 0-200m, the North-East Atlantic which is 300 - 1500m, and then the mid-Atlantic which is up to about 2500m and then the Oceanic Trenches. So they're looking at different things on the four screens. The first one was actually done in the Oceanlab lab and is time-lapse photography looking at the way that animals move the sand around whenever they're feeding. The second area is baited lines in the North-East Atlantic and seeing what happens and what comes along for a nibble. The third one, in the mid-Atlantic, is an ROV camera and then in the Oceanic trenches again it's a baited line. And what I like about it is the fact that every time that you walk by it, you always see something different, even though the videos themselves don't last for particularly long, it's just the way it's constantly changing. It also leads into the whole area of looking at parts of the world's seas and oceans that we don't know very much about and about what's living down there and about ROVs being used to actually go down and investigate these areas and see what is down thereā€¦