Mike Hepburn - A Scotch Fai by John Philip

Podcast Transcript

A Scotch Fai by John Philip

I am Mike Hepburn, Museum Supervisor, and I have chosen A Scotch Fair by John Philip as my favourite item. I was brought up on the farming community and it always reminds me of my earliest days as a boy going to places like Aikey Fair, New Deer Show, Turriff Show. I can always remember, as in the painting, there was always a recruiting tent for the army or one of the forces and I used to always wonder why my dad was always shaking hands with people, but I found out later that this was him doing private deals over the cattle, just like in the picture. And there was always a pipe band going around, children running around everywhere, the sideshows. I just find the painting so vibrant and full of life. Anytime I've handled it, I can almost hear the sounds of the children shouting, the Army man shouting 'come and join us', the sideshow people inviting you all to come and try their rides or shows or buy their produce and I just think it's an excellent painting.