Nancy Cooper - Penelope & The Suitors by John William Waterhouse

Podcast Transcript

Penelope & The Suitors, John William Waterhouse

I came to the Gallery 13 years ago and on my first walk around the Gallery, I was attracted to this picture. The colours are very vibrant and the clothes and the styles create an idea of opulence. The way the artist has portrayed the picture tells a story without having to read the card at the side. It's a very exciting story and conjures up lots of images, in my mind anyway. I can tell by the picture that Penelope is a very strong woman, by her manner and by how she has her back to the suitors. She's not being enticed by the gifts they are offering her. She has set her mind to one thing and is sticking to it. I like the way her handmaidens are with her at her feet and I'm just impressed by the strength of the main character, Penelope herself.