Prices and guidelines to borrowing


Annual Hire Fees
Oil paintings - £110
Sculpture - £110
Prints - £85

Administration Fee - £55
This is charged on initial installation and will also apply if works are changed at the borrower's request

Annual condition check of works - £30
Please note: If the works have been changed during the course of the year (incurring the £55 admin fee), then the £30 condition checking fee will no longer apply as the works can be checked during the change.

Insurance - 0.4% value of work
eg. Work valued at £10,000 insurance = £40 (charged annually)

All prices are excluding VAT


1. Selection
The pictures will be selected by the Curator of Fine Art in consultation with the Officer in Charge at Aberdeen Art Gallery based on information provided on the reverse of this form and a site visit. Whenever possible a limited choice will be offered.

2. Period of Loan
The minimum contract period of any loan is one year. The Art Gallery and Museums reserves the right to withdraw a work from loan, in which case an alternative will be offered.

3. Insurance
Aberdeen Art Gallery holds liability for works on loan which will be insured under the Art Gallery Policy. Borrowers will be invoiced a small insurance premium of 0.4% of the value of each work on loan.

4. Delivery and Hanging
Delivery and Hanging will be undertaken by Art Gallery and Museum Staff. Once positioned, the works must not be moved except by members of the Art Gallery and Museums.

5. Conservation
Pictures will be positioned as far as possible according to the borrower's requirements, provided the location is compatible with the environmental conditions required for the work. Pictures will be inspected annually by the Curator of Fine Art.

6. Charges
The loan fee subject to annual review of £110 per picture and £85 for a print, shall be paid annually in advance upon receipt of an invoice from Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums. The fee is non-refundable.


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