Aberdeen City Rolls of Honour


The Roll of Honour for the Great War (later known as World War I or WWI) was compiled by the City Assessor, Mr H. G. Pope. In early 1925, forms were sent to each householder in Aberdeen asking for full details of those relatives who had fallen during the conflict. For military personnel, the details included rank, regiment and any military honours. The forms also requested details of any non-combatants killed by enemy action and those in the Mercantile Marine (Merchant Navy - commercial/civilian vessels and crews that were engaged in activity supporting the Nation during times of war or those requisitioned and reassigned to military duties, such as minesweeping). The WWI Roll also drew together many separate lists provided by Churches, the University of Aberdeen, schools, guilds and businesses. The City Assessor was responsible for ensuring that no duplications existed. The final copy of the Roll contained over five thousand names.

Later, two dedicated volumes were created to commemorate lives lost during World War II. Volume One: HM Forces and the Merchant Navy and Volume Two: Civil Defence and Civilians. The separate volumes record slightly different information.

The Post-1945 Roll varies in intent from the WWI and WWII volumes. This volume is hand-written, and records HM Forces lives lost in conflict and during active service, so includes those who lost their lives in Northern Ireland, for example.

The transcripts are an attempt to provide a structure to the data recorded in the City's Rolls of Honour.

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Aberdeen City Rolls of Honour