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Leaping Carp Ohara Koson View more >
Oedipus and Antigone Charles Thévenin View more >
Mrs Ogilvie John Bulloch Souter View more >
The Orra Man Joseph Farquharson View more >
Chris Wood David Oxtoby View more >
Ziggy David Oxtoby View more >
Wreck Of The Whaler "Oscar", 1st April 1813 Oscar View more >
Portrait of Dudley Olcott James McBey View more >
Rev. Alexander Ogilvie, MA LLD Robert Brough View more >
Sir William Quiller Orchardson, RA Thomas Alexander Ferguson Graham View more >
The King Is Dead - Portrait of E.J.Odell, actor Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson View more >
Tim O'Kelly Erskine Nicol View more >

Found 249 Results. Showing records 1 to 12. Page 1 of 21.

Search notes

The artists search provides an A to Z quick search of artists and their subjects within the Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museum's Collection. The search looks at both the artists and their subjects, such as Q providing results for photographs of, and by, Queen Victoria.

The search also has a 'suggest' feature which will suggest names of artists and makers who's works are in the collection.