Collection of Dresses Mostly from Nature, David Allan

A Collection Of Dresses By David Allan Mostly From Nature

Aberdeen Art Gallery, Fine Art


One of Aberdeen Art Gallery's most remarkable acquisitions of watercolour painting, is this album of drawings of traditional costume, created by Scottish artist David Allan when he was travelling through France and Italy from 1770-76.

However, the sixty-one watercolours are not merely a record of regional costumes. Rather, they are small genre scenes with figures set in streets or landscapes and were painted in Rome, Florence, Naples and several other places that Allan visited on his European tour.

The well-known art critic, Brian Sewell, has described the album as 'witty, mischievous and frankly pretty'. The colours are in pristine condition and give a delightful glimpse of the lighter side of the 18th century Grand Tour.

Aberdeen Art Gallery has a notable collection of works relating to Scots on the Grand Tour. These charming figure studies greatly enhance our portraits and landscapes connected with this 18th century phenomenon.