Eric Ravilious - Artist, Printmaker, Designer


Eric Ravilious is most widely celebrated as a supreme watercolour painter, concerned both with modernism and also the quintessential English nature of his art, rooted in the 18th century pastoral tradition of watercolour painting.

Ravilious' real vocation, however, was as an 'artist-designer'. In his career, commercial graphic design, illustration and private press work took up much of his time and he had a profound influence upon modern graphic design in the mid 20th century.

Ravilious attended the Design School of the Royal College of Art under the tutership of Paul Nash, who was greatly impressed by his technical skill and imagination. Intricacy, texture and strong tonal variations were characteristic of his engraving work and the prints on display span his career, many being made for book illustration.

From 1937, Ravilious was increasingly preoccupied with painting Sussex and other southern landscapes in watercolour and his last book of wood engravings illustrations was in 1938. During the second World War, Ravilious was appointed as an official War Artist to the Admiralty and his life ended tragically when a plane bringing him back from an official mission was lost off the coast of Iceland in 1942.

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