The Great Tapestry of Scotland - Scotland's History Stitched with Love


15/02/2014 - 19/04/2014

The artwork at the heart of Scotland's largest ever community arts project will be displayed at Aberdeen Art Gallery this spring.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland is a stunning, 140 metre embroidered tapestry depicting the entire history of Scotland. This incredible project was spearheaded by one of the world's most popular authors, Alexander McCall Smith. McCall Smith together with historian Alistair Moffat and artist Andrew Crummy designed 160 historical panels each depicting key moments from Scotland's past, from prehistory to the 21st century. Across the length and breadth of Scotland over 1,000 stitchers - including those from the North East of Scotland - worked tirelessly to create this stunning homage to Scotland's past. It's all there, from the crawl of the glaciers to Dolly the Sheep - not forgetting the Hillman Imp and Archie Gemmil's goal!

Herring Girls