Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron - Early British Photographs from the Royal Collection


12/06/2010 - 21/08/2010

The Royal Photography collection contains some 400,000 images from the birth of photography to modern times.

This exhibition demonstrates the exceptionally important patronage of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria at an early stage of the medium by highlighting two of the most important people in the history of photography: Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79) and Roger Fenton(1819-63). The photographs by Roger Fenton in the Royal Collection, from which the group included in the exhibition is taken, ranks as one of the world's finest holdings of Fenton's work. The small group of images by Julia Margaret Cameron is in outstanding condition and relatively unknown. This important loan - having its only Scottish showing in Aberdeen - is complemented by a small exhibition of photographs by pioneering North East photographer, George Washington Wilson (1823-93), from Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections.

Photographs from the Royal Collection