10/10/1997 - 09/11/1997

The third, Scotland-wide, biennial festival of international, photo-based art sees a suite of exciting new exhibitions taking place at Aberdeen Art Gallery: Black Carnival; The Eden Cycle; Utensils 1-16; Private Bodies, Public Forms; Dorigen's Promise (Photo-love Vol 3); Transgender Portraits.

Black Carnival: Larger-than-life photographs by New Zealand artist Christine Webster, surrounding the viewer with a bizarre cast of characters who line the walls of the darkened exhibition room.
The Eden Cycle: Fruits of Desire - Initiation from childhood to adulthood as symbolised by the myth of Adam and Eve, explored by Katayoun Pasban Dowlatshahi.
Utensils 1-16: Black and white prints by USA artist Clint Imboden, which juxtapose written text with images of hotel silverware.
Private Bodies, Public Forms: Photographs taken between 1840 and 1940, demonstrating the distinction between naked and nude in the discipline of photographic imaging.
Dorigen's Promise (Photo-love Vol 3): a 32 page full colour 'Hello'-style, pocket-sized magazine, which is a photo-based novella based on Chaucer's Franklin's Tale.
Transgender Portraits: Close-up portraits of transvestites and transsexuals by San Francisco based artist Deborah Hammond.

Supported by the Scottish Arts Council.