Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Special Event

10/02/2017 - 10/02/2017
7-9.30pm, OVER 18s ONLY

True love never dies!

A Valentines murder mystery event and themed creative activities.

There’s Been A Murder!
A dead body lies in a Victorian street. There’s been a terrible accident. Or has there?

In the hand of the dearly deceased there is a note. It reads 'True love never dies!'
A Valentine's message? Or a Memento Mori?

Take part in this thrilling murder mystery by forming a team, or by working alone, to search the museum and interrogate prime suspects. Who can solve the mystery in the quickest time? There’s a prize for the fastest thinking crime solvers!

This murder mystery is brought to you by award winning writer Kenny Boyle.

This is a ticketed event. Tickets cost £7 + booking fee per person. Tickets can be purchased online here:


Eventbrite - After Hours: Kiss of Death

Ink 'n' Drink
Bring your beverage over to the inking station and have a go at screen printing an alternative Valentine's card. The design features a bespoke, original illustration by artist Katie Guthrie.


Death by Chocolate
Work with the chocolatiers from Cocoa Ooze to discover the science of chocolate. Enjoy tastings and the opportunity to decorate your own chocolate heart.

There will be 6 x 20 minute workshops during the evening. Numbers are limited per session, and operate on a first come first served basis.


Secrets from Beyond the Grave
Join the human remains conservator from Edinburgh's Surgeons' Hall Museums in exploring specimens which reveal the murky truths about Syphilis, sometimes known as Cupid's Disease!


Love It or Hate It
Celebrate Valentines or revel in the death of love with some face art by Colour Magic FX.


Love Tokens
Purchase a gift for a special someone, or treat yourself, at the pop-up Love Tokens market. Featuring local artists and makers:

Cocoa Ooze

Dear George

Rose-Tea & Rabbit

Teal Anchor Sugar Scrubs

Ginger Georgie

I Loved and Lost Thee
Make a paper marigold and leave it on the altar with a message for a lost love.


Cash Bar
Enjoy a tipple at the cash bar. Will yours be something sweet and delicious, or dark and bitter?


This is a ticketed event. Tickets cost £7 + booking fee per person. Tickets can be purchased online here: Eventbrite - After Hours: Kiss of Death
Tickets are non-refundable. No tickets will be available on the door.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
This event is for all adults aged 18 years and over.

What is the refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable.

Do I need to form a team before the event?
Yes, please form your teams before arriving at the event. We suggest that ideal team sizes should consist of 2-6 people. However, if you're a detective who prefers to work alone, that's ok too!

When should we arrive?
Event registration will open at 6.45pm. Activities run between 7pm-9.30pm. We recommend arriving between 6.45-7.30pm to make the most of the activities on offer.

How will the murder mystery work?
Upon arrival each team will be issued with a scenario card outlining the murder mystery plot. You can choose to do either the creative activities or the murder mystery first. However, please note that in order to manage visitor flow; at busy times we may advise teams to enjoy either the creative activities or murder mystery first.

A time keeper will mark your card with a start time only when you decide to tackle the murder mystery.

As a team, roam the Museum in search of suspects. When you encounter a suspect, it's your job to interrogate them, listen carefully for clues. Once you've encountered all suspects, review the evidence and name your culprit! You'll also need to work out the motive and identify the murder weapon. Hand your answer into a time keeper at the end point. If you're correct, your team could be in with a chance of winning the mystery prize.

What is the prize for?
The team who correctly solves the mystery in the fastest time will win a mystery prize.

Once you start the murder mystery a time keeper will mark your card with a start time. Once you are ready to submit your answer, a time keeper will mark your card with a completion time. All teams who correctly solve all 3 mystery questions will be entered into the competition for the fastest time.

Please note that this is not a prize for the team who solves the mystery first. You may choose to do the creative activities first. Please allow at least 40 minutes to attempt the murder mystery.

Will photography be allowed?
Please be aware that photography will be taking place at the event. We will have a professional photographer documenting the evening. AAG&M reserves the right to use images for the purposes of promotion and advocacy.

Guests are allowed to take photos in the museum, but please refrain from using flash. If you share your images on social media, it would be great if you tagged us.

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