Bon Accord Toddy Ladles (19)

Bon Accord Toddy Ladles (19) , c.1790

John Leslie

Silversmith:John Leslie
Aberdeen, Scotland, c.1748 - 1837


This large set of toddy ladles withfine curved Old English pattern handle with circular bowl was made by John Leslie, an imporatnt Aberdeen silversmith, around 1790. They are engraved with the city of Aberdeen motto ‘BON ACCORD’.

The motto ‘Bon Accord’ can be translated from the French as ‘good agreement’. Legend has it that it originates to the 14th century when Robert the Bruce and his troops used it as a password when they laid siege to Aberdeen castle in 1308.

It seems likely that these ladles are from a larger commission for use within the Town House following the decision to rebuild and alter it in 1750.

Length: 15.3cm Width: 4.7cm Weight: 30.35gm
Acc. No. ABDAG000905


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