Cream Qiana Jersey Skirt

Cream Qiana Jersey Skirt , 1973

Bill Gibb

Designer:Bill Gibb
New Pitsligo, Scotland, 1943 - 1988

Qiana jersey

An almost full-length cream Qiana jersey skirt shown with a matching top ABDMS093638, also designed by Bill Gibb.

The skirt is straight but also quite flared and is gathered at a small waistband.

Qiana jersey, which is made from a silky nylon fibre, was developed in 1962 by DuPont. It was introduced to the market in 1968 with the intention that it would be used for high end fashions as an alternative to silk. Qiana jersey was a favourite fabric of Bill Gibb, who used it widely in his collections. He particularly loved its fluid, almost liquid quality and the way it could be draped to great effect.

This ensemble was designed as part of Bill Gibb's Spring/Summer 1977 Collection. Garments from the collection were modelled by Charlotte Rampling for an article in the February 1973 edition of Harpers & Queen magazine. The shell-like fan-shaped beaded panel from this top also featured in a cream Qiana jersey dress worn by Charlotte Rampling for the article.

Presented in 2016 by Christiane Gerrard.
© Bill Gibb Trust (2011)
Waist: 60cm Length: 92cm
Acc. No. ABDMS093639


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