Cream Silk Beaded Blouse

Cream Silk Beaded Blouse , Mid 1970s

Bill Gibb

Designer:Bill Gibb
New Pitsligo, Scotland, 1943 - 1988

silk, beaded braid, beads and bugle beads

This exquisite cream silk beaded blouse is shown with a matching skirt ABDMS093637, also designed by Bill Gibb.

The blouse features a V-neck front ending in two points below the shaped waist. The yoked neck is embroidered with multi-coloured stylised flowers and edged with beading. The sleeves are raglan and are gathered into pointed cuffs, with rounded wing panels along the outer edge. Strips of black and gold beaded braid edge the bodice and radiate from the yoke. A bronze crystal bead fastens each cuff.

This ensemble epitomises the elegant tailoring Bill Gibb was renowned for designing. He loved to work with silk and both pieces are typically decorated with beadwork another signature element found on many of his garments.

Presented in 2016 by Christiane Gerrard.
© Bill Gibb Trust (2011)
Bust: 90cm Waist: 62cm Length: 57cm
Acc. No. ABDMS093636


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