Hand-Printed Silk Chiffon Dress from Summer 1977 Collection

Hand-Printed Silk Chiffon Dress from Summer 1977 Collection , 1977

Bill Gibb

Designer:Bill Gibb
New Pitsligo, Scotland, 1943 - 1988

silk chiffon, silk, diamante and crystal

A multi-coloured hand-printed silk chiffon dress with crystal buttons.

The dress features an internal ivory silk fitted bodice, which forms the basis/foundation for the loose fitting dress that is attached to it. The top of the bodice is edged with a narrow diamante band. It also features two shoe string straps that are made from the same silk chiffon of the dress. These are tied over the wearer’s right shoulder to secure the dress as it has a very wide neckline, which allows it to drape over the right shoulder. The circular skirt is slit at the side seams and is pleated and gathers around the waist and attached to the inner bodice. The dress features crystal buttons down the left of the bodice and at each cuff.

This dress was designed by Bill Gibb for the Spring/Summer 1977 Collection. This particular collection was unveiled at the 10th anniversary event held to celebrate Bill Gibb’s career at the Royal Albert Hall in 1977. The show was a retrospective and many people loaned back their outfits and even modelled them on stage. Amongst the models were some famous faces including Eileen Atkins, Leslie Anne Down, Zoe Wanamaker and Hannah Gordon.

Presented in 2016 by Christiane Gerrard.
© Bill Gibb Trust (2011)
Bust: 78cm Waist: 68cm Length: 135cm
Acc. No. ABDMS093643


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