Miss E. Arnot Robertson (Reproductions of James McBey's Portraits)

Miss E. Arnot Robertson (Reproductions of James McBey's Portraits) , 1932

James McBey

Artist:James McBey
Newburgh, Scotland, 1883 - 1959

Photographer:Paul Laib
Sitter:Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson

photograph and card

Black and white photograph depicting a portrait of Miss E. Arnot Robertson, painted by James McBey in 1932. The photograph is mounted on card, and was taken by Paul Laib, Fine Art Photographers.

This object is part of an archive that belonged to Marguerite McBey. As a result of her generosity, Aberdeen Art Gallery holds the largest archive of James McBey's work, including prints, drawings, sketchbooks, oil paintings and memorabilia such as this photograph.

Marguerite McBey Bequest, 2000.
© Family of James and Marguerite McBey
38 x 28.7cm
Acc. No. ABDAG017767.58


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