Set of Four Bon Accord Teaspoons

Set of Four Bon Accord Teaspoons , c.1810

William Jamieson

Silversmith:William Jamieson
Aberdeen, Scotland, active 1806 - 1841


William Jamieson, born in Aberdeen, was the son of a local advocate also called William. He was apprenticed to Aberdeen goldsmiths James Gordon & Co. in 1793 for 7 years. On completing his training he started up his own business, taking on his first apprentice Alexander Forsyth in 1806. He was admitted to the Incorporation of Hammermen in the same year, followed by the Goldsmith Burgess in 1808.

Along with the everyday fare of flatware, spoons and forks, Jamieson also specialised in making small boxes and goblets.

Length:14.1cm Width of bowl: 2.8cm Weight: ABDAG00904.1:16.96gm ABDAG000904.2:16.45gm ABDAG000904.3: 15.86gmABDAG000904.4:15.55gm
Acc. No. ABDAG000904


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