Snuff Box

Snuff Box , c.1820

William Jamieson

Silversmith:William Jamieson
Aberdeen, Scotland, active 1806 - 1841


Along with the everyday fare of flatware, spoons and forks, William Jamieson also specialised in making small boxes and goblets.
The box is engraved with the initials of family members, from 1701 to 1891, creating a family tree. A Latin inscription on the base tells us that the members of this family sought longevity, or immortality, through this piece of silver, but sadly the name of the family is unknown.

Purchased in 1981 with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions.

Overall: Length: 6.4 cm, Height: 6.8 cm, Width: 3.8 cm
Acc. No. ABDAG001131


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