Striped Silk Beaded Dress

Striped Silk Beaded Dress , c.1976

Bill Gibb

Designer:Bill Gibb
New Pitsligo, Scotland, 1943 - 1988

silk, metallic braid and beads

A pink, blue and white vertically striped silk dress decorated with beadwork.

The neck of the dress features a daring low cut V at the front and a slit at the back, which fastens at the top. The sleeves are capped and the bodice is quite fitted fro which a slightly full skirt is attached.

Bill Gibb has used a number of ways to embellish this dress. Firstly he has used the striped fabric vertically for the skirt and part of the bodice and horizontally in panels also on the bodice. Secondly there is a mock smocking crimped horizontal band running around the skirt below the waist. Thirdly there is beaded decoration on the bodice in the form of a flower design and fourthly all the bodice and skirt edges are edged with a narrow gold braid.

The dress is a typical example of how Bill Gibb liked to create elegant drama with his designs by using contrasting decoration, for example flowers on top of stripes. It shows perfectly his preoccupation with mixing pattern, texture, design and colour in ways that other designers did not do at the time.

Presented in 2016 by Christiane Gerrard.
© Bill Gibb Trust (2011)
Bust: 78cm Waist: 62cm Length: 110cm
Acc. No. ABDMS093642


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