The Danaides

The Danaides , 1906

John William Waterhouse

Artist:John William Waterhouse
Rome, Italy, 1849 - 1917

oil on canvas

Stylistically, Waterhouse has been associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, through his depiction of dreamy women. However, he was in fact working in a later era and his art differed widely from that of the original Brotherhood in its lack of moral seriousness.

The Danaides in Greek mythology were the fifty daughters of King Danaus of Argos, who were all married on a single occasion to fifty suitors. As instructed by their father, all but one of them murdered their husbands on their wedding night. As a result, they were condemned to an afterlife of unending labour, having to draw water from a well and pour it into a vessel from which it continually escaped.

Purchased in 1927 with income from the Macdonald Bequest.
Out of copyright
Height: 162.5 cm, Width: 127.4 cm Frame Size: 191.1 x 155.5 x 11cm
Acc. No. ABDAG003402


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