Visual Aid Print for Band Aid

Visual Aid Print for Band Aid , 1986

Ivor Abrahams

Artist:Ivor Abrahams
Wigan, England, 1935 - 2015

Artist:Norman Ackroyd
Artist:Craigie Aitchison
Artist:Gillian Ayres
Artist:Graham Bannister
Artist:Clive Barker
Artist:Glen Baxter
Artist:Philippa Beale
Artist:John Bellany
Artist:Anthony Benjamin
Artist:Adrian Berg
Artist:Dame Elizabeth Blackadder
Artist:Peter Blake
Artist:Sandra Blow
Artist:Frank Bowling
Artist:Bill Bowyer
Artist:Arthur Boyd
Artist:Boyd & Evans
Artist:Glynn Boyd Harte
Artist:Ian Breakwell
Artist:Christopher Le Brun
Artist:Stephen Buckley
Artist:Sir Hugh Casson
Artist:Patrick Caulfield
Artist:Chloe Cheese
Artist:Judith Cowan
Artist:Michael Craig Martin
Artist:Anthony Daley
Artist:Rita Donagh
Artist:Sokari Douglas Camp
Artist:Jennifer Durrant
Artist:Jeffery Edwards
Artist:Anthony Eyton
Artist:Amanda Faulkner
Artist:Barry Flanagan
Artist:Elisabeth Frink
Artist:Terry Frost
Artist:Martin Fuller
Artist:Adrian George
Artist:Patrick George
Artist:Sir Roger de Grey
Artist:Brian Grimwood
Artist:Maggi Hambling
Artist:Richard Hamilton
Artist:Michael Heindorff
Artist:David Hepher
Artist:Patrick Heron
Artist:Nicola Hicks
Artist:Susan Hillier
Artist:David Hockney
Artist:Howard Hodgkin
Artist:Gordon House
Artist:John Hoyland
Artist:John Hubbard
Artist:Patrick Hughes
Artist:David Inshaw
Artist:Albert Irvin
Artist:Bill Jacklin
Artist:Gavin Jantjes
Artist:Ben Johnson
Artist:Allen Jones
Artist:Ken Kiff
Artist:Peter Kinley
Artist:R. B. Kitaj
Artist:Andrew Logan
Artist:John Logan
Artist:John Loker
Artist:Richard Long
Artist:Tim Mara
Artist:Bruce McLean
Artist:Jack Millar
Artist:Jack Milroy
Artist:Brendan Neiland
Artist:Victor Newsome
Artist:Sir Sidney Nolan
Artist:Humphrey Ocean
Artist:David Oxtoby
Artist:Professor Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi
Artist:Cela Paul
Artist:Tom Phillips
Artist:John Piper
Artist:Laurie Preece
Artist:Patrick Proctor
Artist:Ann-Marie LeQuesne
Artist:Paula Riego
Artist:Illana Richardson
Artist:Bridget Riley
Artist:Michael Roshenstein
Artist:Colin Self
Artist:Terry Setch
Artist:Kevin Sinnott
Artist:Norman Stevens
Artist:Fraser Taylor
Artist:William Tillyer
Artist:Joe Tilson
Artist:David Tindle
Artist:Mike Vaughan
Artist:Boyd Webb
Artist:Carel Weight
Artist:Kevin Whitney
Artist:Glyn Williams
Artist:Victor Willing
Artist:Ainslie Yule
Artist:Anthony Zych

screenprint on paper

Artists are: Ivor Abrahams, Norman Ackroyd, Craigie Aitchison, Gillian
Ayres, Graham Bannister, Clive Barker, Glen Baxter, Philippa Beale, John Bellany, Anthony Benjamin, Adrian Berg, Elizabeth Blackadder, Peter Blake, Sandra Blow, Frank Bowling, Bill Bowyer, Arthur Boyd, Boyd & Evans, Glen Boyd Harte, Ian Breakwell, Christopher le Brun, Stephen Buckley, Hugh Casson, Patrick Caulfield, Chloe Cheese, Judith Cowan, Michael Craig Martin, Anthony Daley, Rita Donagh, Sokari Douglas Camp, Jennifer Durrant, Jeffrey Edwards, Anthony Eyton, Amanda Faulkner Duggie fields, Barry Flanagan, Elisabeth Frink, Terry Frost, Martin Fuller, Adrian George, Patrick George, Roger de Grey, Brian Grimwood, Maggi Hambling, Richard Hamilton, Michael Heindorff, David Hepher, Patrick Heron, Nicola Hicks, Susan Hillier, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Gordon House, John Hoyland, John Hubbard, PatRick Hughes, David Inshaw, Albert Irvin, Bill Jacklin, Gavin Jantjes, Ben Johnson, Allen Jones, Ken Kiff, Peter Kinley, R.B.Kitaj, Andrew Logan, John Logan, John Loker, Richard Long, Tim Mara, Bruce McLean, Jack Millar, Jack Milroy, Brendan Neiland, Victor Newsome, Sidney Nolan, Humphrey Ocean, David Oxtoby, Eduardo Paolozzi, Cela Paul, Tom Phillips, John Piper, Laurie Preece, Patrick Proctor, Anne Marie le Quesne, Paula Riego, Illana Richardson, Bridget Riley, Michael Roshenstein, Colin Self, Terry Setch, Kevin Sinnott, Norman Stevens, Fraser Taylor, William Tillyer, Joe Tilson, David Tindle, Mike Vaughan, Boyd Webb, Carel Weight, Kevin Whitney, Glyn Williams, Victor Willing, Ainslie Yule, Anthony Zych

Purchased in 1987.

Plate Size: Height: 101 cm, Width: 75 cm Frame: Height: 123.4 cm, Width: 95.1 cm
Acc. No. ABDAG007701


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