Chinese Carved Small Peach-Form Brush Pot

Chinese Carved Small Peach-Form Brush Pot , Qing Dynasty, 18th century

James Cromar Watt

Owner:James Cromar Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland, 1862 - 1940

amethystine quartz

Chinese carved amethystine quartz brush pot in the form of a small peach.

The peach in Chinese culture symbolises long life as it is associated with immortality and the gods.

Hardstone carving is a form of decorative art that has been a part of Chinese culture for over 3,000 years. This is largely due to many of the precious and semi-precious stones used, such as jade, turquoise, malachite, quartz and agate, occurring naturally in certain territories of China.

These different types of stones feature a wide variety of properties that Chinese artists were able to exploit, incorporating the natural coloration and textural qualities of the stones into their designs. This brush pot is made from quartz, also known as rock crystal, which is found in a number of colours from clear through to amethyst and burnt orange. Here the naturally occurring shading of the quartz has been used for decorative effect.

James Cromar Watt Bequest, 1941.

Acc. No. ABDMS011213


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