Five Set Conversation Pieces

Five Set Conversation Pieces , 1998

Christine Borland

Artist:Christine Borland
Darvel, Scotland, born 1965

handpainted and glazed bone china on glass and wood shelves

This work was inspired by a visit the artist made to Liverpool Museum, where she saw examples of delicately painted china bowls dedicated to ships' maiden voyages.

The pieces refer to the trading of goods, including slaves, but also draw on Borland's own personal experience - at the time that she created this work she had recently given birth to her first child.

She cast these pelvises and foetal skulls from obstetric models. The skulls are positioned near the pubic bone, according to the five most common delivery positions. This marrying of art and science is a common theme in the artist's work.

Christine Borland was shortlisted for the Turner prize in 1997.

Purchased in 2001 with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions, the National Art Collections Fund, the Scottish Arts Council and with income from the Macdonald Bequest.
© Christine Borland (2002)
Overall length: 550 cm 5 pelvises with matching skulls, each pelvis measuring 14.5 x 24 x 17 cm. 5 Shelves, of wood and glass, each shelf measuring 36 x 31 x 36 x cm.
Acc. No. ABDAG013983


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