Still Life With Indian Toy

Still Life With Indian Toy , 1984

Dame Elizabeth Blackadder

Artist:Dame Elizabeth Blackadder
Falkirk, Scotland, born 1931

Associated:Dovecot Studios


This woven interpretation of Blackadder's still life is one of The Dovecot Studios many successful collaborations with Scottish artists.

Blackadder is strongly influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Characteristically, she carefully arranges objects in a shallow pictorial space to create intriguing and subtly decorative images.

The translation into tapestry echoes the colours, quality and feel of the artist's original design, in this case a playful scattering of objects against a textured background.

Purchased in 1984 with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions.
© The Artist. All Rights Reserved 2019 / Bridgeman Images
170 x 188cm
Acc. No. ABDAG000729


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