The Tennis Party

The Tennis Party , 1885

Sir John Lavery

Artist:Sir John Lavery
Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1856 - 1941

oil on canvas

John Lavery's life - as friend and tutor to Winston Churchill and portrait painter to the Royal family - could not be more in contrast to his youth. An orphan, Lavery had an unhappy childhood and ran away from home at an early age.

In spite of its apparent spontaneity this picture is not merely an arbitrary slice of life. Male and female players are set against each other - possibly to suggest romantic pairings. A girl, on the threshold of adulthood, stands in waiting for the game of tennis, but also, perhaps, the game of love.

Presented in 1926 by Sir James Murray.
Out of copyright
Overall: 76.2 × 183cm Frame Size: 102 × 208.9 × 14cm Weight: 43.5kg
Acc. No. ABDAG002350


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