AAG&M Past Exhibitions - 2003

Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Art of Painting
(1 February - 1 May)

A selection of figurative and abstract paintings from the City's Collections, including those by leading contemporary Scottish artists.


Japanese Woodblock
(5 February - 26 April)

New work by Annette Murray, created during her time with Japanese master woodblock carvers in Nagasawa Art Park in Japan.

Supported by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Tokyo.


Material World
(15 March - )

Examples of Chinese lacquerwork, contintental glassware, Scottish silversmithing, quilting and more, in an exploration of why certain materials are chosen for certain purposes.

Purchase of the quilted wall hanging by Pauline Burbidge supported by the Scottish Arts Council and the National Fund for Acquisitions.


Aberdeen Artists Society 69th Annual Exhibition
(15 March - 5 April)

Aberdeen Artists Society's annual 'open' exhibition with painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography and printmaking.

Supported by Shell UK Limited.


National Treasures - The National Art Collections Fund: A Centenary Celebration
(19 April - 21 June)

Works of art acquired by Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums with the assistance of the Fund, which has worked for the last hundred years to ensure great art is kept in this country and made accessible to the public.


(19 April - 21 June)

First showing of a new series of prints by Toby Paterson, on the theme of housing and accommodation.

In association with Peacock Visual Arts; works printed by Ailsa McWilliam.


Coronation 50: Union 400
(31 May - 26 July)

Exhibition of coinage from the reigns of James VI/I - marking the 400th anniversary of his accession to the throne - and of Elizabeth II, marking the 50th anniversary of hers.


Magnum Football
(5 July - 16 August)

European debut for this exhibition of photographs on the theme of football, taken from the Magnum Photos archive to celebrate the World Cup in Seoul, 2002, and presented in Aberdeen in recognition of Aberdeen Football Club's centenary.

Organised by Magnum Photos, London; supported in Aberdeen by Stewart Milne Group.


Roderick Buchanan 83/03
(5 July - 6 September)

Specially commissioned video work by Scottish artist Roddy Buchanan featuring the story of Aberdeen Football Club's success in the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983, in celebration of the club's centenary.


From Campsites to Campanile
(23 July - 11 October)

Drawings made by Sandy Fraser during a travelling scholarship to Europe in 1964.


Privies and Other Filthiness - The Environment of Medieval Aberdeen
(9 August - 4 October)

The polluting effect that certain medieval trades - butchery, tannery, and others - had on the local environment, and how we interpret soil samples and other evidence to give us this information.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Bill Gibb - The Golden Boy of British Fashion
(2 September - 15 November)

Drawings, designs and fashions by the late, great New Pitsligo-born Bill Gibb, on the 60th anniversary of his birth.

Supported by Total E&P UK Plc.


A Photographic Memory
(20 September - 15 November)

Highlights of the photographic collections of Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums and of Aberdeen Libraries, including some items never previously displayed.


BP Portrait Award 2003
(6 December - 15 February 2004)

The only showing outwith London of this hugely popular and critically-acclaimed exhibition.

A National Portrait Gallery Touring Exhibition; supported by BP.


Stitch, Paint and Clay
(6 December - 24 January 2004)

An exhibition of artwork by senior citizens in Aberdeen who took part in workshops run by the City's arts development team.


Aberdeen Maritime Museum

A Leerie Going By - Aberdeen's Gasworks
(15 February - 19 April)

The story of town gas, told through photographs, plans and object, many drawn from the John Lovie Gasworks Collection.


A Turning Tide - Photographs by Raymond Besant
(3 May - 14 June)

Images by locally-based photographer Besant, exploring the challenges facing the North-east's declining fishing industry.


Titanic Honour and Glory: Her Sister-ships - Her Aberdeen Crew - Their Fate
(28 June - 27 September)

The remarkable history of three luxury sister ships - Olympic, Titanic and Britannic - featuring artefacts, photographs and documents.


Time & Tide - Scotland's Last East Coast Salmon Netters
(6 September - 6 December)

Photographs by Colin MacPherson documenting salmon stations around the east coast of Scotland.


New Joints for Old - The Story of Orthopaedics in Aberdeen
(11 October - 17 January 2004)

Orthopaedic instruments, prosthetic joints and limbs and other items tell the story of how orthopaedic medicine has developed from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Provost Skene's House

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
(8 February - 5 April)

150 years of wedding fashions, including new acquisitions to the City's Collections, not exhibited before.


A 50s Spring
(19 April - 14 June)

Spring fashions from the 1950s.


Edwardian Summer
(28 June - 23 August)

Outfits worn by well-connected, fashionable women of the Edwardian era during the summer social season.


Widows Weeds
(6 September - 1 November)

Mourning dress and accessories from the City's Collections, illustrating the often complex rules and customs surrounding outward signs of bereavement.


Archaeological Allsorts: The Who? What? When? Where? of Aberdeen's Past
(1 November - 30 October 2004)

New and little-known facts about Aberdeen's past, illustrated through a range of objects discovered by the City's archaeology team.


Sumptuous Velvets
(15 November - 10 January 2004)

Eveningwear and accessories that make use of velvet, the fabric that adds luxury and richness to any outfit.


Famous Faces: Late Great People from the North East of Scotland
(15 November - 30 october 2004)

Exhibition marking the fiftieth anniversary of Provost Skene's House as a museum, telling the stories of some of the people who have helped shape life in Aberdeen and the North-east.