Gallery to host dance inspired by art and science collaboration

14 March 2013

A unique art and science collaboration in the form of dance will be performed on Saturday 16 March at Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill.

Janis Claxton, one of Scotland's leading choreographers, has worked with a company of dancers to produce this new piece specifically made to be shown in galleries and museums.

Chaos and Contingency, which enters the realms of art and science, will see four Scottish-based dancers joined by four of China's leading contemporary dancers with music composed by theatre and dance stalwart, Philip Pinsky.

Based on the study of emergent mathematical patterns - small variants initiate changes; patterns evolve and dissolve; revealing both a simplicity and complexity within the piece.

The performances are free and offer the audience an alternative way of seeing dance which have been designed to be viewed from different angles including from above.

The dancers will perform the 43 minute routine at 12noon and 2pm.

This event is presented by Citymoves Dance Agency as part of March Moves in association with Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Jennifer Phillips, Acting Artistic Director of Citymoves Dance Agency, said: "We're delighted to be opening March Moves with Chaos and Contingency. Janis Claxton Dance has a strong following in Aberdeen, having performed Humanimalia and Human animal here in previous years. This piece is beautiful and engaging and will inspire people of all ages."

Deirdre Grant, head of public programmes, Aberdeen Art Gallery said: "We are thrilled to be working with Citymoves and Janis Claxton Dance to bring this prestigious piece of new work to the art gallery, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy music and dance in our lovely gallery spaces."

Choreographer Janis Claxton said: "This will be JCD's fifth performance in Aberdeen in association with Citymoves. We are really excited to once again be performing in the main space of the beautiful Aberdeen Art Gallery, and to bring this new work and a fine international cast of dancers to the space."

Janis Claxton Dance has already won plaudits for its imaginative use of public spaces and for its relationship with Chinese dancers on its award-winning shows -Enclosure 44 - Humans and Enclosure 99 - Humans - at Edinburgh Zoo in 2011.