Ged Reilly - The Appleby Collection by Malcolm Appleby

Podcast Transcript

The Appleby Collection, Malcolm Appleby

My name is Ged Reilly and I am a Museum Supervisor at the Maritime Museum and Aberdeen Art Gallery. I don't have a single favourite object, it's more of a collection, which is Malcolm Appleby's silverware and jewellery. I like the quirkiness of these pieces, they're beautiful looking pieces, but he injects a sense of humour into a lot of his work. I recall when he had his major exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery, which I think was 1998, and I was one of the people responsible for collecting a lot of his work from all over the country and I can recall staying overnight in London with the van where we were looking after a lot of the pieces and being woken in the middle of the night by foxes feeding outside. I also remember going to his studio in Aberfeldy where we had lunch and there were pieces on the table, sugar bowls, salt bowls, which were all pieces which he had made himself, the little strawberry bowls. I also remember he was in the middle of making the table centrepiece for Scotland's First Minister's House, The Bute House.