Jacqui Curtis - Sara Walking by Julian Opie

Podcast Transcript

Sara Walking, Julian Opie

I'm Jacqueline Curtis, I'm the Business Development Manager at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, working for the Art Gallery and the Museums. The piece I'd like to talk about is Julian Opie's piece of Sara Walking. This piece just makes me smile. So I'm new to this industry of Art Gallery and Museums, and I live in an office and when I walk away from my office, I tend to do it in a business-like way. And then I catch Sara walking and she makes me slow, she makes my chin go horizontal and I become elegant. And I go to my venue and I do whatever piece of work I am doing and I walk away. I walk back to my office and then consciously, I slow myself down, because as I am walking away from Sara, I know that she's watching me. Oh to be like Sara - tall, slim, jeans, sparkly top and walking endlessly.