Roddy Mowat - The Morse and Cator Family by Johann Zoffany

Podcast Transcript

The Morse and Cator Family, Johann Zoffany

Hello my name is Roddy Mowat and I have been a Museum Assistant for over 30 years and I have chosen as my object The Morse and Cator Family by Zoffany. This painting is meantime hung in Room 2 of the MacDonald Rooms. I've chosen it because being a classical music enthusiast, I can relate to it. Here we have a family, two young ladies, one at the harpsichord, one page turning, a gentleman playing the cello and another gentleman about to sing, could be an Aria by Bach, by Handel, by Vivaldi, certainly I would say in the Baroque era. This painting speaks a lot to me and that's why I have chosen it as it's certainly one of my favourite paintings in the Art Gallery collection.