"WORKING 9 TO 5 ..."

The Tolbooth Museum


31/10/2015 - 30/04/2016

Working in an office is familiar territory for many of us.

This exhibition illustrates the huge changes that have occurred for office workers, their equipment and culture over the last 200 years; from inventive mechanical machines like the Comptometer and the Cheque Writer to the arrival of early electronic equipment such as the calculator, word processor and computer.

Efficiencies were made as women joined the workforce and a wry office humour developed to ease the stresses of the working week.

This wide range of curious and commonplace objects has been given to Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums by the people of Aberdeen and represents part of the working social history of this city and its people.

Image: Detail of a Comptometer, an adding machine in use from 1887 until 1990s.