Formica and Enamel Brooch

Formica and Enamel Brooch , 2006

Katy Hackney

Maker:Katy Hackney
Dundee, Scotland, born 1967

formica, laminate, white metal, enamel

This brooch demonstrates Hackney's innovative approach and ability to expand the boundaries of traditional jewellery making. She combines vintage Formica, which is essentially a modern material, with enamelling, a form of decoration, with its origins in the East. Here Hackney has employed the cloisonné technique, whereby the enamel is contained within separate metal cells to form the leaves of the plant. Her restrained use of this decorative method and simple treatment of nature in her work bares a resemblance to Japanese enamelling of the 19th century.

Purchased in 2007 with support from the Grampian Fine and Decorative Arts Society and the City of Aberdeen Ladies Probus Club.
Artist © Katy Hackney (2008)
4.1 × 4.7cm
Acc. No. ABDAG011329


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