Silver Mounted Granite Brooch

Silver Mounted Granite Brooch , c.1880

Alexander & John Smith Ltd.

Jeweller:Alexander & John Smith Ltd.
Aberdeen, Scotland, 1867 - 1965

silver gilt, granite

Silver and granite jewellery was made in a variety of forms – the Maltese cross, bar and oval brooches - with loops which enabled them to serve as pendant necklaces.The world famous Rubislaw Quarry granite, with its characteristic fine grey dappling, which was used to build most of Aberdeen’s celebrated grey granite buildings was often employed to create the the jewellery.

This silver mounted oval granite brooch was made by the Aberdeen firm of Alexander and John Smith and dates to around 1880.

Presented in 1983.

Maximum: Length: 6.1 cm, Width: 4.4 cm Weight: 27.79gm
Acc. No. ABDAG001320


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