The Royal Academy Dinner

The Royal Academy Dinner , 1881

Edward Linley Sambourne

Artist:Edward Linley Sambourne
London, England, 1844 - 1910

pen and ink on paper

The artists represented include:
George D. Leslie, H.T. Wells, Thos. Webster, R. Ansdel, W.C. Marshall,
George Richmond, Thos Faed, F. Goodall, W.Q. Orchardson, Edwin
Long, G.F. Watts, E.J. Poynter, J.E. Millais, Sir F. Leighton(President), L. Alma-Tadema, John Pettie, P.H. Calderon, J.C. Horsley, W.P. Frith, E.B.
Stephens, J.C. Hook, J.L Pearson, J. Sant, R. Redgrave, H.H. Armstead, S. Hart, F.S.
Cooper, Peter Graham, W.F. Yeames, J. Woolner, Lumb Stocks, W.C.T. Dobson, Erskine Nicol, Vicat Cole, C.W. Cope, J.E. Boehm, H.S. Marks, H.W.B. Davis, J.B. Burgess, C.B. Birch, T.O. Barlow, Val Prinsep, W.W. Ouless, Briton Riviere, F.Holl, Marcus Stone, Sir Luke Fildes, J. MacWhirter, E. Crofts, J.E. Hodgson, G.E. Street, G.A. Storey, W.H. Thornycroft, F. Dicksee, A.C. Gow, G.H. Boughton, H. Herkomer.

Alexander Macdonald Bequest, 1901.
Out of copyright
Overall: Height: 30.6 cm, Width: 44.4 cm Frame: Height: 50.7 cm, Width: 61.1 cm
Acc. No. ABDAG003898


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