Two Goblets

Two Goblets , c.1820

William Jamieson

Silversmith:William Jamieson
Aberdeen, Scotland, active 1806 - 1841

silver and gilt

Ovoid bowl standing on spreading circular base with rim foot: concave stem with knop and straight collar: Bowls engraved with band of grapes and vine leaves with three bands of punchwork and gilded interior.
This style of goblet was produced repeatedly by Jamieson and probably intended for wine. One instance is known, however, where a similar goblet, the Tillymorgan Chalice, was used for Holy Communion. Here the grape and vine engraving was symbolic of the wine drunk during this sacrament.

Purchased in 1993 with assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions.

Height: 18.1 cm Rim: 10.2cm Foot: 8.5cm Weight: ABDAG008808.1: 367.11gm ABDAG008808.2: 355.12gm
Acc. No. ABDAG008808


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